Lumut Port Industrial Park

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Located adjacent to Lumut Maritime Terminal. Lumut Port consists of mix-Industrial development inclusive of port, light, medium, heavy and terrace factory shop lots, providing land space for warehousing or transhipment and is on offer for local and foreign investors who are able to contribute to the throughput of the Port.

Lumut Port Industrial Park has a total area of 1,000 acres, where 885 acres are suitable for industrial activities. To date (information as at April 2016), about 822.35 acres have been sold for various business sectors, and foreign ownership is permitted such as mineral and non-mineral processing activities. Besides, we provide comprehensive utilities to fulfill all kinds of industrial needs, such as chemicals suitable for marine, heavy, medium, while for light industries, we offer metalwork and fabrication, import and re-export, feed meal and vegetable oil processing, shipbuilding and biodiesel activities.


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