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About Lumut Port

Top Leading Private Port in Malaysias

Strategically located off the Straits of Malacca, on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, in Perak, Lumut Port was established as a State Port and a catalyst for economic growth, development, and industrialization of the State and the nation in general.

Officiated on 24th July 1995, Lumut Port has been operated for more than 25 years.  In 2002, Lumut Port began to operate and manage Lekir Bulk Terminal.

From stockpiling to the exporting or importing stage, Lumut Port provides a one-stop centre with its proficiency in port operations.

Lumut Port Industrial Park provides land space for warehousing or transshipment and is on offer for local and foreign investors who are able to contribute to the throughput of the Port.

Our Business Units

We Navigate & Ready For The Future

Lumut maritime Terminal

Subsequent to the execution of the Privatization Agreement with the State Government of Perak in February 1993, the construction of LMT.

Lumut maritime Terminal 2

Acquired the land for LMT2 in 2017 (Under BSP 3.0). Planned to be develop to be the second Port-LMT2 (bulk cargo) - 115 acres


Your specialist cargo solution at Lumut Port. We provide permanent mooring layup, bollard pull test, ship to ship transfer, bunkering services.

Lekir Bulk Terminal

LBT is managed and operated by LMTSB. LBT is a deep water seaport, and with a natural depth of 20 metres, LBT is currently South-East Asia's largest dry bulk unloading facility.

Lumut Port Industrial Park

LPIP is located adjacent to LMT and has a total area of 1,000 acres, with 885 acres suitable for industrial activities. Land is sold on 99 years leasehold.

Corporate Strategy

Lumut Port aims to achieve in increasing revenue and total import and export cargo.

Lumut Port will continue to create value for our shareholders and stakeholders by strengthening the
infrastructure and facilities to attract new businesses to prosper.

Lumut Port will strive to develop closer customer relationships and expand its customer base to include new sectors. These relationships are often regional and contributing to the development the state and nation.

Lumut Port will continue to do its utmost to develop the terminals and industrial park as the most efficient, most sustainable and safest for its customers.

As an effective and efficient organization, we strive our best to develop trained, skilled, and motivated workforce. The standard operating procedure will be strictly adhered to and compliance with international standards and codes will be religiously observed.

We foster a result-driven culture in the workplace that  increases worker productivity, which also help to deliver the desired values for the shareholders and stakeholders.

Corporate Approach

Lumut Port was established as a State Port and has the important role of being the catalyst for economic growth, development, and industrialization of the State and the nation.

While aspiring to excel in its business, Lumut Port is mindful of its responsibility and role in nation-building. Its corporate approach convenes the synergies of five important pillars: COMMUNITY, ENVIRONMENT, SAFETY and SECURITY and also SUPPLY CHAIN.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Lumut Port has created more than 10,000 direct and indirect job opportunities for the locals. Apart from job opportunities, Lumut Port is committed to improve the local community development by participating various programs.

Lumut Port endeavors to control and mitigate the impacts of the company’s activities on the environment through responsible business activities. It adopts initiatives to conserve biodiversity via various programs in partnership with local groups, communities, and associations.

Both LMT and LBT are International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) compliant.

Besides, Lumut Port strives for a safer and healthier working environment. Everyone – all levels of management, employees, and contractors – embraces the culture of risk mitigation and management. The Company believes that responsible risk mitigation and management is everyone’s responsibility.

Last but not least, Lumut Port endeavors to prosper the economy of the locals, where relevant, appropriate, and suitable, local suppliers and contractors were engaged to provide the required services, products, and equipment. Lumut Port is committed to continuously invest in the development of the local market supply chain.

Board Of Directors

Dato Redza Rafiq Abdul Razak

Dato Mohd Hisham AB Halim

Dato Azian Osman

Dato Azmi HJ Othman

Our Management Team

Our Vision

Our Mission

Core Values













LUMUTPORT's Business Strategic Plan (BSP) 2016-2026

Lumut Port’s Business Strategic Plan (BSP) 2016-2026 was budgeted at RM375 Million and focused on 3 strategic thrusts; business growth, productivity improvement & efficiency, and capacity optimization.

An in-depth business & commercial studies, commodities & trend analysis on the past 20 years of LUMUTPORT result – volume, revenue and profit growth;
SWOT analysis, customer profiling, services levels, business development, and company operations. Royal Haskoning DHV(RHDV) independent study on the
feasibility and viability of LUMUT PORT’s in achieving a forecast of 7 Million MT was validated commercially and operationally sound and doable with increase port capacity, operations efficiency, and focus business development.

Our Journey

The Voyage Begins

Our Journey

The Voyage Begins

1993 - 1995: Our Beginning

Concession Agreement with Perak State & building of LMT & LPIP development by Halim Rasip Holdings. Focus more on selling industrial land.


Commencement operations at LBT Terminal under OMA1 (perpetual; rate till 2017) with LBTSB.


TNBF AGREEMENT (2013-2030)

2014 - 15: Change Of Structure

– TNB acquires Integrax Bhd, Amin was no longer CEO of the LMTSB.
– Mubarak as new CEO of LMTSB (March
2015).- Realignment and restructure of management
team. Develop BSP with focus on LMT Port Operations


– Certified with ISO9001:2015
– Early redemption of Sukuk (2004-2017)
– Remote Control (RC) Grab
– Settle SSI debt of RM1.4mill
– Hit 1 mt limestone


– Restructure the whole LMTSB management team & Marine SBU introduced
– Acquired APMC & LMT2 lands
– Completion & Surrendering of LPIP Public Amenities (LPIP)
– Starts to pay Zakat FY2016
– Hit RM100mill revenue mark from Port Revenue

2017: BSP 3.0

BOD approved BSP 3.0 plan (2016-2026) with development of new terminal (LMT2) for total amount of RM 357 mill


– New ERP (Pronto) + Boss.Net
– Move to LMT Office
– Global Port Forum Awards – Best Bulk Commodities Terminal of the year 2018
– New Additional Barge Berth
– New MHL + RHL
– Certified with OSHA 18001
– Using thumbprint for attendance

2018: OMA

Rate extension OMA1, new OMA2 & OMA3 – RM 1 Bill after negotiating since 2015 (2.6 years)


– Full year MHL + RHL implementation which reduce contractor cost by RM 5.7mill per year & net saving of RM 2.3 mill per year
– Increase productivity from 7k mt to 12.4k mt per day
– Direct Berthing % increase from 55% to 83%
– Vessel turn-around time decrease from 60hr to 29hr
– LMT2 development starts
– Signing of SPRM “Ikrar Bebas Rasuah”


– Works with NCIA/NCER and successfully obtained Investment Tax Allowance (ITA) from MOF for RM 310 mill CAPEX (5 years)
– Certified ISO 45001:2018
– Commence STS shipments (sand export, etc) and bunkering at Lumut Port limit
– Implementation of Performance Mgt System