Corporate Strategy

Shareholders/Stakeholders Values

Increased Revenue/Tonnage

Lumut Port aims at achieving increased revenue and total import and export cargo.

 Business Oriented Port

Lumut Port will continue to create value for its shareholders and stakeholders by strengthening the infrastructure and facilities to attract new businesses and port users. The port industrial park offers comprehensive platform and facilities for businesses to prosper.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer-focused Environment

Lumut Port will strive to develop closer customer relationships and expand its customer-base to include new sectors. These relationships are often regional, and contributing towards the development of the state and nation.

Operational Standards

Optimum and Efficient Port

Lumut Port will continue to do its utmost to develop the terminals and industrial park as the most efficient, most sustainable and safest for its customers.

Organisational Excellence

Effective and Efficient Organisation

Lumut Port will be an effective and efficient organisation by developing trained, skilled and motivated workforce. The standard operating procedure will be strictly adhered to and compliance to international standards and codes will be religiously observed.

Result-oriented Workforce

Having result-oriented workforce will facilitate and expedite achieving the business objectives. It will also help deliver the desired values for the shareholders and stakeholders.